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May 17 2018



U know when a guys ugly but he’s just so hot to u and u don’t get it ….. ugly sexy

May 16 2018

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Remember, the Force will be with you… always.

Happy Star Wars Day!

May 15 2018





I hate when I make a comment that someone sees as random and they ask, “Haha, where did that come from?”

Do you really want to know the series of internal associations and mental events that led me from one idea to another? I’m guessing not so much.

What I think: “The color of your nail polish reminded me of iridescent beetle wings, which reminded me of a dress made for an 1888 production of Macbeth, onto which over a thousand jewel beetle wings were sewn. I purchased a green sequined dress and wore it to a New Year’s Party in Ohio, in honor of the number 7, the digit I find most pleasing. I associate the number 7 and its multiples as elegant and well-dressed. I always pictured a human version of the number 7 as having flapper hair with carefully waxed curls. Waxed curls remind me of Denise Crosby’s hairstyle in an episode of Star Trek I recently re-watched and then caused me to go on another long rant about how we depict robots in media. Robots remind me of the book I am reading, in which an AI must adjust to being housed in a gynoid body and passing as human. To do this, she eats to keep up pretenses and because she enjoys it. Eating despite not needing to reminds me that I need to eat and forget to because I don’t recognize hunger. Impaired hunger symbols may be due to a lack of beneficial gut bacteria. I am attempting to propogate more gut bacteria through consuming probiotic food like yoghurt and smoothie mixes. I have some in my refrigerator at home, but I need to ensure that they are not expired and that nothing in my kitchen is growing mold. Mold has many surprising uses - the discovery of penicillin and the advancement of medicine surely influenced the last century in immeasurably important ways. The last century has been full of evil as well as progress, however - nuclear weapons are evidence of that! There is strange symmetry to think that radiotrophic mold has apparently been discovered at the Chernobyl site. When I first learned this, I could not contain my excitement and shared this information with a customer service representative with my bank on the phone. He was informed and excited about this topic as well, and we had a wonderful conversation about it entirely unrelated to banking. I hope this diversion did not get him into trouble - I do not know what is or is not considered acceptable interaction with customers. I need to visit my bank soon and withdraw cash so I can pay Hope my share of the hotel bill next month. It’s unfortunate that we were not able to secure the AirB&B they used last year, but the hotel should be acceptable so long as it is clean. It may appear clean, but I bet there is a whole horrifying world of organic residue invisible to the naked eye…”

What I say out loud: “Did you know that blood doesn’t naturally fluoresce? It will not show up under a blacklight like in the movies. Real forensic investigators detect bloodstains by spraying chemicals like Luminol, which react with the iron in hemoglobin and cause the bloodstains to glow.“

I feel like I should be telling you that you’ve got a case of that there ADHD but I don’t reckon that’d be news.

May 14 2018



what was the first show y’all broke up with…you know like the first show you had that was your everything for a good amount of time and then it fucked up so bad that like you felt your heart breaking with sadness, disappointment and hurt and then you vowed never to see it again? i’ll start mine was shame/ess

May 13 2018

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I hardly believe in ghost stories anymore, Captain Barbossa.
Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) dir. Gore Verbinski

May 12 2018


May 11 2018

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very long kids series ur library probably had ten million of

May 10 2018

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me making my indie film debut 

May 09 2018

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hi i cant sleep so have an Aranea/Cindy


May 08 2018


May 07 2018

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May 06 2018



yall r still mad at your high school english teachers for making u analyze shakespeare or hemingway to teach you the most basic understanding of metaphor and themes in art. thats a good thing dude. if people on here were more literate in that stuff we wouldnt have like. reylo shippers

May 05 2018



someone: oh you’re bi! but if you had to choose would you choose boy or girl?

me: um don’t be ignorant that’s not how bisexuality works tf

me, internally, without hesitation: girls

May 04 2018

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May 03 2018




the fucking “do you like your new toy??” “aaAaOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” video is the best video ive seen this month

this goddamn dog has such a powerful aura

May 02 2018

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April 29 2018


I can categorically say infinity war was a movie



Reblog n reply

Sk8er Boi or Hello Kitty? Shake It or Check Yes Juliet? DONTTRUSTME or Dance Dance? Angel With A Shotgun or Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

April 28 2018



Are you a woolahwoo, wuhluhwuh or double u elle double u wlw?

April 27 2018

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